Health August 3, 2020 | 3:05 pm

Tourist giants are against the PCR when landing in the DR

 They made their position known to David Collado

 Leaders see more problems with the current system


According to, the main foreign tourist groups that send the most passengers to the Dominican Republic clearly expressed their opposition to the measure that PCR tests are carried out at Dominican airports to check if they are infected since they believe that these tests should be done at the origin and not at the destination.

These tourist groups consider that with the tests at the destination, it generates more discomfort and alarm to all those who traveled with the possible infected, who also should remain in quarantine away from their countries, as they recently informed who will be the Minister of Tourism of the country, David Collado.

The International Air Transport Association ( IATA ), this Saturday asked the president of the High-Level Commission for the Prevention and Control of Coronavirus,  Gustavo Montalvo, that the measures implemented by the Government to counter COVID-19  at the country’s airports adhere to the recommendations issued by the International Civil Aviation Organization ( ICAO ).

Peter Cerdá, regional vice president for the Americas of IATA, explained that they are concerned about the way in which the Dominican Republic has handled the decision to implement tests for visitors arriving by air since it has an adverse effect on its members and consequently has created confusion for passengers.

He said that the criteria for the application of tests were announced just a few hours after their implementation, so they request that the new measures to be taken by the Government be communicated in advance.

IATA stated that it is waiting to receive the updated official protocol with the new measures, in order to duly inform passengers and update international travel systems. He reiterated that they are willing to comply with the measures ordered by the Dominican Government.

Last Monday, the Dominican Airports company Siglo XXI ( Aerodo m ), reported that a specialized medical body of the State is conducting the rapid test for coronavirus to all passengers arriving in the country. According to Aerodom, this measure was implemented by order of the Presidency of the Republic, through the High-Level Commission for the Prevention and Control of Coronavirus.

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