Economy February 26, 2015 | 9:21 am

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Official announces cable car system in the capital

Santo Domingo.- It’s a fact. The city will have a new mass transport system in Metrocable, whose five kilometers will accommodate 3,000 commuters per hour in 160 cars.

José Gonzalez Cuadra, project manager of the La Barquita Metrocable System, said the first line will serve residents near the Ozama River, with four stations linked to the Metro (subway).

He said it will start at de Gaulle Av. and a second station at Sabana Perdida, where it will cross the Ozama, just over the bridge in that sector, until reaching the other station at Los Tres Brazos. “It will again cross the river and ends at the last station of the Metro Line II,” Gonzalez said, adding that it will also link with another station before crossing the Sánchez bridge.

He said a call for tenders was made Tuesday, for local and foreign companies to participate, “and once construction begins, we expect the start of operations with a period of 14 months.”

"This cannot be confused with the cable car at Puerto Plata, it’s like a train in chains, with a separation between one cab and another," the official said, quoted by

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