Economy January 8, 2016 | 8:03 am

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Industry leader hails growth, but warns of daunting challenges

Santo Domingo.- HerreraIndustries Associations (AEIH) president Antonio Taveras on Thursday lauded the7% growth posted by Dominican Republic in 2015, paced mainly by the financialsector, retail, tourism and construction, an inflation lower less than 3% and astable exchange rate.

He said the figurescreate a favorable climate for business and investments and stressed that thedata show that the economy will maintain its growth this year and inflation similarto last year´s.

Taveras said thebiggest threat looming over the Dominican economy is how to manage the debt, witha fiscal deficit target set at 2.3% of GDP.

He also called for amore dynamic economy next year, achieving higher competitiveness in worldmarkets, promoting exports beyond those by the free zones and Barrick Gold.

He also urged for morerobust institutions, more transparency and legal security, where laws areenforced with consequences for anyone who violates them.

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