Health May 10, 2024 | 10:17 am

Ministry of Public Health issues alert for flood-related diseases

Santo Domingo.- The Ministry of Public Health (MSP), through its Directorate of Epidemiology (Diepi), has issued an epidemiological alert regarding floods, citing the heightened risk of diseases within affected populations.

Public Health authorities are urging the population to implement response and control measures to mitigate the risk of epidemic outbreaks.

The advisory emphasizes the importance of avoiding exposure to contaminated waters and environments during and after heavy rainfall to prevent diseases such as leptospirosis, respiratory infections, cholera, and others that are exacerbated by flooding.

Individuals are encouraged to utilize personal protective measures such as plastic boots and gloves if contact with contaminated environments is unavoidable.

Furthermore, citizens are advised against accumulating garbage and urged to eliminate mosquito breeding sites in homes and surrounding areas to prevent the proliferation of vectors such as rats and mosquitoes.

Additional recommendations include consuming only safe drinking water, either by boiling it for 15 minutes or by adding five drops of 5% bleach to each gallon of water before consumption. It is also advised to consume well-cooked foods and to properly wash fruits and vegetables.

The alert stresses the importance of hand hygiene, particularly after using the bathroom and before meals. Individuals exhibiting symptoms such as fever, nausea, vomiting, general malaise, pain behind the eyes, muscle or joint pain, or bone pain are advised to seek immediate medical attention at the nearest health center and refrain from self-medication.

Health personnel are instructed to promptly report any health events related to increased rainfall, and Provincial Directorates and Health Areas are tasked with disseminating the epidemiological alert within the local surveillance network, health centers, and other relevant sectors.

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