Economy June 6, 2016 | 8:37 am

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Leave poetry behind, start capturing export markets

Santo Domingo.- Greater Santo Domingo Industries Association(AEIH) president Antonio Taveras on Sunday urged the private and public sectorsto define criteria to promote Dominican Republic’s export offer, takingadvantage of the country’s current favorable conditions.

He said the economy’s dynamic growth – Latin America‘s leader-should spur the country’s integration into global markets, and its politicaland social stability exploited to give exports a qualitative leap.

The business leader called on the private sector toinfluence public policies aimed at establishing a dynamic export sector,working closely with government agencies whose purpose is to facilitate andpromote foreign trade.

"This implies a very profound work within the privatesector, with unity as the main axis, but also requires the involvement with anumber of vital public entities to design an export project where we can becompetitive," Taveras said in a statement.

He said what’s least convenient now is a dispersed privateand public sectors on Dominican Republic’s efforts to become an export economy."It’s time for corporate leadership to assume a proactive attitude, toleave the predications, poetry and good intentions behind, to start capturing marketsand export.”

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