Economy March 2, 2018 | 12:17 pm

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Tolls rise on Samana-Santo Domingo highway

Samana highway

Santo Domingo.- As of Thursday, March 1, the tolls at Marbella, Naranjal, Guaraguao and the Atlantic Tourist Boulevard (BTA) will increase, the road group Domínico-Colombiano Autopistas del Nordeste announced Thurs.

Citing the Concession Contract, the contract said the increases were duly verified by the Public Works Ministry

Cars, SUVs and vans on the Santo Domingo-Samaná Highway must pay RD $ 59 at ther tolls Marbella, RD$183; Naranjal, RD$215, Guaraguao and RD$533 at the Atlantic Tourist Boulevard or Carey, BTA) .

Minibuses and macrobuses: RD$115 (Marbella), RD$374 (Naranjal), RD$459 (Guaraguao) and RD$1,123 (Atlantic Tourist Boulevard or Carey).

Twin-axle trucks will pay RD$145 (Marbella), RD$498 (Naranjal), RD$598 (Guaraguao) and RD$1,463 (BTA), while for trucks with three axles or more: RD$217 (Marbella) , RD$690 (Naranjal), RD$848 (Guaraguao) and RD$2,068 (Atlantic Tourist Boulevard or Carey (BTA).

The Marbella tollbooth is 500 meters from Las Americas highway; El Naranjal, at 14.50 km. from Las Américas; and the Guaraguao toll, at 221 km. from Rincón de Molinillo.

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