Economy January 10, 2019 | 4:15 pm

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Agencies will protect the plant and animal quarantine system jointly

Enríque Ramírez, Osmar Benítez, Rubén Paulino.

Santo Domingo.- The Defense and Agriculture ministries and Customs on Thurs. will jointly protect the plant and animal quarantine system from the “agricultural elements of risk” in the Dominican territory.

The agreement, signed by the minister of Defense, Rubén Paulino Osmar Benítez, of Agriculture, and Customs director Enríque Ramírez, calls for the agencies to work together to guarantee the global standards n the safety of food production of which the Dominican Republic is a signatory.

The agreement signed in the Defense Ministry stipulates that Agriculture will assume custody of the agro goods resulting from confiscations of farm products, in addition to the penalties and fines provided by the Plant Health Law.

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