Economy March 29, 2019 | 4:06 pm

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Agriculture inaugurates a Plant Varieties Registration Office

Santo Domingo.- The Agriculture Ministry on Fri. inaugurated the Plant Varieties Registration Office (OREVADO) to guarantee the institutional framework of people who want to develop new vegetable crops, innovate technology transfer or invest in production, which will be called breeders.

Agriculture minister Osmar Benítez said the new step puts the country among the 75 nations that are part of the agreement of the International Union for the Protection of New Plants Varieties (UPOV) based in the Netherlands, which certified the use of quality seeds, the right of industrial property, trade and technological advances in the production of new plant varieties.

“The Dominican Republic becomes one of the nations that organizes to facilitate trade, the right and protect investment of those engaged in new production as established by international standards and national regulation,” he said.

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