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Austrian company announces obtaining contract with INTRANT for RD $ 1 billion

The agreement would include the installation of 2,200 new traffic lights

  • The agreement would include the installation of 2,200 new traffic lights

 The company of urban mobility solutions Kapsch announced the obtaining of a contract in the Dominican Republic with the National Institute of Transit and Land Transport (INTRANT) for a value of 18 million euros, about 1.029 million pesos.

According to the statement, the contract includes a 17-month period for the implementation (design and construction) of a new infrastructure to improve urban mobility called EcoTrafiXTM. The agreement has a period of four years of technical operation. The agreement will be shared by the partners of the Kapsch consortium (60%) and EVOCON (40%).

According to the company, the contract was won in a public tender, Kapsch TrafficCom and its partner EVOCON were selected to provide the comprehensive urban mobility management solution EcoTrafiXTM for the city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

The first part of the tender covers the engineering, delivery, installation, testing, commissioning and deployment of EcoTrafiXTM. This will include 100 new intersections, 2,200 new traffic lights, 40 CCTV cameras, 400 CVD vehicle detection cameras, variable message signs and control center equipment. The maintenance will cover 260 existing intersections, including traffic lights and CCTV, as well as newly installed equipment.

“This contract is improving our urban mobility management footprint in the Latin American region,” explains André F. Laux, COO Kapsch TrafficCom. “Santo Domingo is the largest metropolitan area in the Caribbean, which demands high mobility requirements within the city. We are proud that our solution has been chosen to help the city achieve a more efficient and safer mobility future.”

Kapsch TrafficCom is a provider of intelligent transport systems in the fields of toll, traffic management, smart urban mobility, security and protection of traffic and connected vehicles.

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