Economy February 14, 2020 | 9:49 am

Buy car in DR

Customs registry deadline on courier services expires Mon.

Santo Domingo.- As of Monday, February 17, people who haven’t complied with the Single Customs Registry (RUA) process cannot use the services of couriers in the Dominican Republic.

Couriers are emailing their customers of the expiration of the Customs Directorate (DGA) deadline.

“We recommend that you register as soon as possible and avoid delays in the dispatch of your merchandise when you receive them at Customs. For us to be able to continue with the process of customs clearance and delivery, registration is required,” says the couriers’ letter.

The RUA is a form that appears on the DGA website, which the user must complete with their general data and little else; For example, if your purchases are personal or commercial, if you buy only for yourself or for some other member of your family.

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