Business & Pleasure July 14, 2020 | 3:24 pm

Dominican traders denounce shortages of domestically produced honey; they ask to be allowed to import

They say that the import of honey must be done immediately.

Santo Domingo, DR


The bee honey marketing sector reported that there is a shortage of this product in the national market.

Through a statement, they explain that the shortage of bottled honey has been caused by the increase in consumption in Dominican households, together with the fact that the main harvest of the country, spring-summer, was insufficient for climatic reasons.

Given this situation, José Paiewonsky and sons (Miel Del Campo) and Apiarios Don Luis (Miel Cohen), representing the bee honey marketing sector, have asked the authorities to approve the single importation of a batch of good quality honey and in accordance with phytosanitary standards.

The formal petition, processed before the Ministry of Agriculture a few weeks ago, specifies that the import of honey must be carried out immediately in order to guarantee the supply of this product to the population.

The sector advocates a transparent and democratic process in which all the actors involved in marketing can participate, in proportion to their market share.

Honey traders have assured that they will maintain record prices for domestic production during this period, which have reached record levels, to guarantee profitability for honey harvesters and to stimulate the necessary increase in production levels.

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