Economy September 4, 2020 | 7:56 am

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Downpours disrupt food prices

Santo Domingo.- Due to the damage caused by the floods of the two storms Isaías and Laura, some prices of food products in the markets had declines, while others increased.

Vegetables decreased due to the rains. Carrots, broccoli, tomatoes and vegetables used to have a “more or less stable price,” said Juan Pablo, a vendor on the Duarte market told Listín Diario.

He said that so far the vegetables are kept at variable prices depending on the conditions of each day. “The sale is weak, there are no buyers. Things are bad,” he said as he leaned back against a crate of tomatoes.

In the small establishments of the Duarte Market the presence of these foods was rare.

Another vendor: “in the market things are not as good as they look” due to the rains that have caused flooding. His stand had parsley and other vegetables in poor condition.

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