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Brewery anticipates unavailability of products on December holiday

An operator looks at a bottle of Presidente beer. ( External source )

The company has only received 57% of the bottles ordered abroad this year

The Dominican National Brewery anticipates consumers that could experience the unavailability of their products on the December holiday due to the lack of containers and invite them to return the bottles to make up for the lack of these containers.

“Once again, we appeal to the understanding of our clients and consumers and we invite them to also be part of the solution through the return of packaging. The culture of returnability will only be possible together with our strategic partners and our consumers,” said Cándida Hernández, vice president of Marketing and Brewery Strategy, in a press release.

The company emphasizes that the global logistics crisis remains latent. Proof of this is that -to date- Cervecería has only received 57% of the bottles ordered abroad by 2021 (2% more compared to the last report issued in October), something that still prevents meeting the current demand and the one expected for the end of the year holidays.

“But this situation not only impacts Cervecería or Presidente beer. It also affects other products in the beverage sector and other industries with high demand for products in December, such as toys and certain seasonal foods, impacted by the problems it presents. the global supply chain and the limitations of shipping,” the company highlights.

Efforts to overcome shortages

The company projects that the revival of the local glass industry is close to becoming a reality. It informs that the agreement signed between Cervecería Nacional Dominicana and Caribbean Glass Industry “begins to bear its first fruits.”

“The first sample bottles have already been produced, good news as a result of months of constant work between the two companies,” he says.

“These containers, today with a transparent presentation, because they are first samples, currently go through a testing process in the Brewery production line to validate compliance with all the required technical specifications, a stage that could last a few weeks and that, at the same time it is necessary to guarantee the proper operation of the furnace for the next few years,” says the note sent to the press.

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Transparent bottles made as a sample. ( External source )

“Challenging weeks still await us. Our consumer could experience unavailability situations due to the lack of packaging on the December holiday. For this reason, these steps that we are taking are of the utmost importance to gradually increase production,” Hernández said.

The Brewery reiterates that it continues to make all efforts to increase the availability of containers. He points out that the first samples produced by the Caribbean Glass Industry, the increase in payment for the repurchase of empty bottles, and the “Again a cold” campaign, which encourages consumers and businesses to promote the return of packaging, are some of the efforts.

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December 20, 2021 5:08 pm

People…recycle…how hard is it ?!…Whos in charge ?!…Dominican republic had better recycling program 40+ years ago than now…Unbelievable…!!!

Peter Harris
December 20, 2021 7:01 pm

I walked by a house in Guayacanes today with a pile of bottles stashed outside. Lying in the dirt. Offer more money and you will returns happen.