Local November 18, 2011 | 8:08 am

Police arrest main suspect in murder of 5 Chinese in Panama

Santo Domingo.- The Police arrested Thursday in Boca Chica, the Dominican accused in the kidnapping and later murder of five Panamanians of Chinese origin in that Central American country, whose corpses were found buried in a house.

It said Fermín Antonio Taveras Rodriguez and/or Angel Betancourt, who is wanted in Panama together with others, in connection with the death of Yesenia Lou Kam, 18; Young Wu Ken, 27; Sammy Zenq Chen, 19; Yoel Liu Wung, 19 and Georgina Lee Chen, 18.

The gruesome murders occurred in the town La Chorrera, 30 kilometers west of Panama City, after the victims had been kidnapped for ransom.

The Police said Taveras was caught in 1st St. of the subdivision Andres, hiding in a tank full of water, trying to evade police pursuit, and that the fugitive had scars in all 10 fingers, from surgery to erase his prints. The Police added that he also changed his hair color to blonde.

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