Local April 25, 2012 | 11:17 am

Electoral Board would use soldiers if truckers strike(Update)

Santo Domingo.- The Central Electoral Board (JCE) on Wednesday warned the truckers grouped in the union Fenatrado that if they insist staging a strike on May 8, it will resort to the Armed Forces to transport the materials which will be used in the elections on 20 May.

In a statement, JCE president Roberto Rosario responded to the truckers’ union threat of a strike just 12 days before the polls, which Fenatrano claims is to obtain payment of a debt owed by the government.

FILE. The powerful truck owners association Fenatrado on Wednesday announced a 48 hours strike starting May 8, just 12 days prior to the presidential election of May 20.

Fenatrado president Blas Peralta said the Government has a pending debt with the union around RD$300.0 million for more than six years. “If the government pays on the 4th there is no strike. Fenatrado demands payment for the service provided.”

In a press conference in the Fenatrado offices, Peralta said the debt is owed by the Public Works and Agriculture ministries, the State Works Supervisory Office and the Transport Reform Office.

The union had sent the warning in a letter to Electoral Board president Roberto Rosario, affirming that the strike wouldn’t affect the nationwide transport of materials to be used in the polls.

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