Local July 13, 2012 | 12:23 pm

Alleged hacker’s lawyer threatens to reveal videos of orgies with tycoons in drag

Santo Domingo.- The attorney for multiple hacking defendant Jose Angel Gomez (Jochi), on Friday threatened reveal the photos and videos with as many as eight tycoons dressed in drag and taking part in orgies.

Carlos Balcácer, before visiting his client at a Ciudad Nueva Courthouse jail cell, said sectors he didn’t name seek to lay the blame for the hacking of mail accounts to Gomez, but warned that if the prosecution against him continues, they’ll disclose the names of the tycoons.

"They’d better be ready, I have a procedural surprise and reveal these business leaders dressed as women and fornicating," the lawyer said.

He said the entrepreneurs, whom he called "vagabonds," want to blame Gomez for something he didn’t do, and vowed to release those images. “Keep messing with us, we have a little surprise for you all.”

Gomez is the son of the prominent TV producer and journalist Guillermo Gomez, who is closely linked to the opposition PRD party.

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