Local July 16, 2012 | 8:24 am

Appellate Judge slams previous Supreme Court Justices

Santo Domingo.- National District Appellate Court judge Daniel Nolasco on said Sunday the previous Supreme Court’s 14 year term was marked by "influence peddling" and "lobbying" in the promotion of judges.

During his speech to celebrate his promotion to the bench, Nolasco thanked the Judiciary Council (CPJ) for taking into account his 20 years in the courts system.

"We congratulate everyone one of the judges promoted day because it was on the merit of the exercise in our institution, without having to avail ourselves of the professed friendship toward other justices of the Supreme Court, without resorting to lobbying or influence peddling, issues that were very proper in a not so remote past."

He also criticized that in the past judges were promoted by "discretion" regardless of the merits of the judicial echelon.

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