Local October 16, 2012 | 10:30 am

Central towns on strike say no to tax package, demand road fix

Bonao, Dominican Republic.- Several Monseñor Noel province (central) towns were shut down early Tuesday, demanding repairs to the main road which links them.

The strike closed schools and businesses in at least 10 communities, for which the Police deployed Swat agents Monday night to maintain order.

Bonao community leaders and religious organizations called the walkout in adjacent villages first, and vowed to extend it to the city tomorrow Wednesday, to protest the proposed tax package, the rolling blackouts, the price of fuels, among other grievances.

The walkout affects areas north of Bonao and communities near the Xstrata Nickel Falcondo mine, El Caribe, Peñaló, and Hato Nuevo, to demand repairs for the highway.

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