Local February 5, 2013 | 9:58 am

Court rejects challenge in DNA test case against U.S. Embassy

Santo Domingo. – The National District court that hears the case of Miguel Familia versus the U.S. Embassy on Monday ruled to continue the proceeding in the same tribunal, rejecting the plaintiff’s challenge recusing 3rd Civil Chamber judge Yokaury Morales.

The ruling was issued in a statement by the Appellate Court’s 2nd Civil Chamber which hears the lawsuit against the U.S. Embassy for an alleged error in a DNA test which Familia claims ruined his family life. "This court has been able to determine that there are no causes or valid reasons in fact and law which may allow the challenge to proceed."

The plaintiff claims that on October 11 last year judge Morales, in a “cocky and arrogant and threatening tone” told Mr Familia that if he continued with the case "in the media" he would lose because "she would rule against him."

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