Local November 12, 2013 | 11:05 am

Dominican, U.S., Interpol agents bust pimps, people traffickers

Bica Chica, Dominican Republic.- After several raids police and officials of the Santo Domingo Province Office of the Prosecutor arrested five people in Boca Chica, accused of pimping prostitutes and people trafficking.

Santo Domingo province prosector Olga Dina Llaverias said Heriberto Antonio Reyes, Alcibíades María Tavarez, Iraisa Tavarez Marte, Juan Ignacio Olivares and Miguel Angel Alejo were arrested and arraigned at the Santo Domingo Permanent Attention Court.

Tavarez and Alejo were remanded to three months of pretrial detention at La Victoria penitentiary, while bail for Reyes and Tavarez Marte was set at RD$300,000.

The search warrants were issued on anonymous complaints of prostitution in several clubs including Las Conejitas, Hotel Candy Shop and Casa Iraisa. The latter two were temporarily shuttered until the investigation concludes, whereas the former remains open.

The searches of the nightclubs was headed by Santo Domingo East police director Hector Garcia with 100 agents, and also involved officials of the anti-narcotics, and people trafficking units.

U.S., Interpol agents

Llaverias revealed that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and INTERPOL agents took part in the raids, including several drinking establishments know as colmadones.

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