Local July 21, 2014 | 12:31 pm

Dangerous foreigners keep using Dominican territory to hide

Santo Domingo.- Dangerous drug traffickers, mobsters, murderers, swindlers, bank robbers and child sex offenders are the most common profiles of some of the foreigners who frequently use Dominican Republic territory to hide from their country’s authorities.

Interpol has captured 10 fugitives with international arrest warrants, including most-wanted criminals by some countries just during the last six months.

But most disturbing is the case of an Italian Gianpaolo Albertini, 54, wanted for terrorism, and was repatriated to his country February 20after five months on the lam in the secluded town of Jarabacoa (central).

Called a "dangerous offender," Albertini is charged with two aggravated homicides and weapons possession.

Yet another Italian, Nicola Pignatelli, 42, head of the Calabrese mafia, linked to drug trafficking from South American countries, was arrested in Juan Dolio last April.

He was wanted to serve out a by a of 13-years-and-6 month sentence, according to authorities, who say he had contacts with Roberto Pannunzi, one of the world’s top drug traffickers, arrested in Bogota, Colombia.

Current statistics

During the past 12 months 22 foreign criminals have been detained on charges of serious crimes in their countries, most of them Czechs and Italians.

Dominican Interpol director Robert Albino Filpo said many of the foreigners are attracted by the receptiveness for tourists, and their "perception" that they can hide here easily.

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