Local June 24, 2015 | 9:25 am

Prosecutor asks 1-year in jail for 10 in RD$1.9B Peravia bank fraud

Santo Domingo.- The National District Office of the Prosecutor on Tuesday requested one year pretrial detention against 10 people indicted in the Peravia bank fraud case on charges of conspiracy, forgery and money laundering.

The defendants, which include senior executives are Nelson, Jorge and Carlos Serret Sugranez, Yesenia Aponte Serret, Pausides Morales, Nelson Cabral, Army colonel Florentino de Jesus Acosta, Madgelen Serret, Yomalys Fernandez and Maria Luisa Guzman.

The investigation and the Banks Superintendence report found that the defendants conspired to defraud Peravia bank, in violation of Dominican Republic’s monetary and financial policies.

The evidence shows that Peravia’s collapse wasn’t negligence in financial management and instead a “large-scale fraud, planned and executed by the accused,” including top executives José Luis Santoro, Gabriel Jimenez Aray and Daniel Morales Santoro, now fugitive sought by Interpol.

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