Local October 20, 2016 | 8:13 am

Health chief coordinates disease prevention at Haiti border

Dajabon, Dominican Republic.- Health ministerDr. Altagracia Guzman visited Dajabon province Wednesday to coordinate the measureswith local officials to prevent outbreaks of disease.

She met with doctors, health professionals, techniciansand local media, to set up controls to prevent outbreaks of acute diarrhealdiseases (ADD), acute respiratory infections (ARI ), leptospirosis dengue,Chikungunya and Zika along the border area to deal with the situation occurringin Haiti.

"The primary preventive measure is tomake proper management and use of water, make sure that if it’s for drinking orto prepare food that it is potable and chlorinated, because with this singlemeasure prevents various diseases, especially cholera, among other diarrheal diseasesoccasioned by different viruses and bacteria."

She also recommended that people keep theirhomes free of breeding sites of mosquitoes that transmit diseases like dengue,Chikungunya and Zika and urged the mayors to keep clean public spaces andprivate areas that have been abandoned.

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