Local July 13, 2017 | 3:19 pm

Dominican guards return 400+ Haitians at south border crossing

Pedernales border crossing today. Youtube

Pedernales, Dominican Republic.- In the past 12 hours Immigration inspectors and Border Security (Cesfront) guards have returned more than 400 undocumented Haitian migrants through the country’s southernmost border crossing.

Moreover since early Thursday the authorities have also seized crates of beer, cigarettes, whiskey, energy drinks, moonshine, and shovels, machetes, rice and other products from Haiti.

Authorities also confiscated 19 motorcycles owned by Dominican, who are accused of transporting undocumented Haitians to different parts of the Pedernales area.

The officials continue the sweep in various neighborhoods, reportedly home to more than 280 families of illegal aliens.

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