Local January 17, 2018 | 4:30 pm

Ex official, Odebrecht ‘bagman’ face extortion charges

Santo Domingo.- A group of lawyers on Wed. demanded that the Office of the Anticorruption Prosecutor provide information on the complaint filed by several builders, who accuse Ángel Rondón of defrauding them out of over RD$100.0 million.

Plutarco Jáquez, lawyer for one of the builders, said the lawsuit, despite that it was filed last August the authorities have yet to provide a response.

The case also includes former dams and canals agency director (Indhri) Frank Rodríguez, and Rondón’s daughter Angelina.

Court documents show that Felix Batista Matos, who provided several construction services to Indhri, said Rodriguez, accompanied by Rondón, offered to pay just RD$9.0  million of a RD$50.0 million debt. Angel Rondon, indicted in the Odebrecht bribe case, is known as the Brazilian company’s “bagman.”

Jáquez, quoted by diariolibre.com, said as the result of extortion against Batista Matos the bank seized his house, seized some lots, and accepted RD$21.0 million because he had to meet his commitments.

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