Local May 26, 2021 | 4:43 pm

Abinader donates 200,000 pesos of his salary to centenarian Ramona Guance

Santo Domingo, DR

President Luis Abinader heard the claim of centenarian Ramona Guance.

Guance, 108 years old, requested a “little check” from the president in a report published in Listin Diario on March 11.

Today, her wish came true. President Luis Abinader donated 200,000 pesos from his salary through a check delivered to Guance at the National Palace by the special assistant to the president, Efren Cuello.

She received the check in the office of the president’s assistant, accompanied by her daughter Maritza Valdez Guance. The centenarian preferred to receive it there to have the opportunity to visit the National Palace. Excited, she thanked the President for the donation.

At the moment of the delivery, the President’s assistant informed her that she would also be given a pension of 6,000 pesos and a wheelchair since the older woman has difficulty walking.

Ramona Guance’s wish was that President Luis Abinader would grant her a little financial help to buy her blood pressure medication and to feed herself better.

“I want the President to give me a check so that I won’t be mortified,” Ramona Guance asked the President.

Guance told her secret of longevity to Listín Diario in the series of reports La Vida de los Centenarios carried out in 2019.

She lives in Villa Consuelo, in an apartment granted to her by the government of Joaquin Balaguer, in 1992, as a victim of Hurricane David.

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