Health November 15, 2021 | 3:49 pm

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TSA rejects another action against the vaccination card

Santo Domingo, DR.

The Superior Administrative Court (TSA) declared inadmissible the third challenge to the resolution that requires presenting a vaccination card to enter closed places.

This is an action filed by the lawyer José Manuel Santana against resolution 000048, issued by Public Health on October 8. As in a previous action, the judges of the third chamber of the TSA rejected the appeal “because there are other judicial channels that allow obtaining the protection of the fundamental rights invoked”, under Article 70, numeral 1, of Law 137- 11, organic of the Constitutional Court and constitutional procedures.

The other way that the court considers effective to challenge the resolution is the contentious-administrative appeal, which is filed before the TSA itself. The court accepted the means of inadmissibility presented by the acted party, Public Health, and by the General Administrative Attorney.

 TSA, Refusal, Action, Vaccination card. 

Previously, that same chamber of the TSA declared inadmissible the appeal action filed by the lawyers Yancarlos Martínez, Eli Barbi Castro, and Cirilo Guzmán, against the Presidency of the Republic, and the Ministry of Public Health, due to the existence of another effective means to attack the resolution.

The Third Chamber of the TSA is made up of judges Luisa del Carmen Canaán, president, Silvia Rosario Almonte and Jeny Rodríguez Lora.

With the two appeal actions, there are now three challenges to resolution 000048 that have been rejected by the TSA.

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Greg Folino
November 16, 2021 5:10 am

stalling tactics

Deran Akullian Jr.
November 16, 2021 12:29 pm

There is no law in this country,until,the people take it.