Economy October 14, 2022 | 2:27 pm

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42.5% of businesses struggle to find qualified applicants to fill open positions

The 2020 National Survey for the Detection of Needs for Skills and Qualifications in Employment (ENDHACE), which identifies the skills gap in the workforce of Dominican companies, the challenges they encounter in finding qualified candidates, and the solutions they use to address this situation, was made public by the Dominican government.

The objective of this study, which was conducted by the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development and the National Statistics Office (ONE) with assistance from the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI), the European Union (EU), and the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development (AECID) through the PROETP II Program, is to provide accurate data on the employment situation and the skill requirements of workers in formal companies in the ten main branches.

The ENDHACE 2020 results include a list of the principal difficulties that have an impact on the operations of former employer companies. Regarding this, 25.0% said that taxes were the main barrier, followed by competitors in the unorganized sector (14.7%), the price and accessibility of electricity (11.2%), and employees with low educational levels (9.7%).

According to the report, at the time of the survey, 70.7% of the companies reported having open positions in the previous 12 months, and of those, 42.5% said they had trouble filling those positions with qualified candidates.

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October 14, 2022 4:34 pm

Without good foundation, nothing will, nor can’t be stable…Again teach them how to think , ability to think is 90% of work…Skill can be added easy to those with ability to diversify through sound thinking…!!! Soon im opening University in Santo Domingo, “Developmental progressive thinking, and how to be successful thinking correctly”….Moto of of University is ” Work(think) smart, not hard”…Those interested, feel free to contact me…!!!!

October 17, 2022 11:38 am
Reply to  chupacabra

Critical thinking, talent multiplier and team-work mentality are three very important leadership skills severely lacking in the RD.- Everyone thinks that the other is out to stab them in the back. – You cannot evolve progressively as a professional until that corporate culture is eliminated.

felix the cat
October 14, 2022 5:05 pm

what a complete load of crap, if there is something is this country is people that spent their life acquiring a skill siting in their houses because jobs are given to friends and family of the “connected”.

Last edited 1 year ago by felix the cat
October 17, 2022 11:42 am
Reply to  felix the cat

Nepotism is a very negative attribute that only limits professional advancement of skilled employees but also stunts corporate growth in the long term. Don’t want to be political in any way but just look at the Trump family of businesses as a textbook example of how not to run a business. .

October 14, 2022 10:24 pm

Maybe better salaries might help…just saying

Ramon Garcia
October 15, 2022 8:21 am

Is this article a justification to substitute Dominican labor with unqualified illegal workers at a lower salary?

Paul Tierney
October 15, 2022 8:52 am

This is a barometer indicating the educational system of the RD is lacking the ability to provide the skills people need to gain employment. If a survey was taken, it would not be unreasonable to suggest a good amount of those employed in upper middle and high levels of business operations received private and/or foreign education at some time. Publicly educated applicants take a back seat. Also, this lack of qualified applicants suggests workers looking for lower level positions do not possess even the minimum skills required by employers.