Local February 2, 2024 | 4:31 pm

Airbnb’s Community Fund supports social initiatives in the Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- Airbnb has granted a subsidy from the Community Fund to support social programs in the Dominican Republic.

Airbnb hosts open their doors to travelers, welcoming them into their communities. Airbnb is committed to serving its stakeholders and wants to give back to the places hosts call home.

Through the Community Fund, Airbnb plans to distribute $100 million USD by 2030 among organizations supporting communities worldwide.

This year, as part of Airbnb’s Community Fund, more than 25 different associations from 13 countries in Latin America will receive a donation. To date, Airbnb donations distributed in the region have reached over $5 million USD.

In the Dominican Republic, Airbnb’s Host Club selected the Mover de las Aguas Foundation. The Mover de las Aguas Foundation has made a significant impact on the community through educational programs, social assistance, and medical operations. Their work has improved the quality of life for many, promoting positive and sustainable change.

“In the essence of every charitable action, the heart of the community beats. Together, we build bridges of hope for a brighter tomorrow,” said Dicauri Frías, President of the Foundation.

Additionally, Airbnb selected the Vida Azul Foundation as the recipient of $25,000 USD. Since 2007, Vida Azul has represented the International Coastal Cleanup Day in the Dominican Republic. Currently, the organization has 35,000 volunteers who last year cleaned more than 140 beaches and rivers nationwide in a single day.

“Airbnb’s involvement is crucial in our journey, which began in 2007. Vida Azul has been instrumental in representing the International Coastal Cleanup Day in the Dominican Republic. Our efforts have grown immensely, involving thousands of volunteers and gaining national recognition. This partnership allows us to continue our mission to preserve our beaches and rivers,” said Oscar Oviedo, General Director.

Through these initiatives, Airbnb continues to invest in the communities where the company operates, empowering hosts and supporting causes that matter most to stakeholders. Airbnb looks forward to continuing this work in the years to come.

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