People August 20, 2016 | 10:27 am

University hosts the first international seminar on waste management

Santo Domingo.- The first international seminar on waste managementconcluded Friday, hosted during two days by UNPHU University’s Faculty ofScience and Technology.

The gathering, which featured six national andinternational experts who spoke about solid waste’s impact on health and theenvironment, sought to analyze and propose solutions to minimize risks.

International consultant Francisco Pereira de Oliveira on Fridayanalyzed the topic of landfill design,that also the focus of the participant company Hache-Maccaferri.

On the topic of hospital waste management spoke CarmenElena de Jano, whereas Juan Roberto Suriel discussed the definitive disposal ofcar tires and construction waste, among others.

The Propagas Foundation analyzed the issue of solid wasteas art and education.

Its representatives explained the program schools wherestudents have used recycled materials to decorate the walls of their schools foryears.

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