Tourism January 13, 2015 | 10:12 am

Thousands of sea turtle hatchlings head to sea: Environment

Santo Domingo.- The Environment Ministry on Monday announced this year’s first births of hundreds of hawksbill turtles in the Dominican Republic, at the beach at San Souci, Santo Domingo Este.

In a statement, Environment said the turtles were rescued and evaluated to ensure their health and without injuries and later released.

It said the species is included in the monitoring program during the nesting season of sea turtles.

It also reports the release of more than 15,000 hatchlings of green and leatherback turtles at Bahías de Las Águilas and Jaragua National Park(southwest).

Environment said the event adds to the Ministry’s call on people to protect not only those species of turtle, but all costal resources to contribute to a balanced ecosystem.

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