Tourism September 1, 2015 | 12:32 pm

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UK envoy sees future wealth, current misery on Haiti-Dominican border

Pedernales, DominicanRepublic.- British ambassador Steven Fisher on Monday bid farewell to his post amida cordial stay in the southwestern region, impressed by its rugged coast andBahia de las Aguilas´ white sand beach and crystalline waters, which crown theregion´s natural attractions.

He said he hopes theDominican government develops the vast and attractive area to spur tourism, aspresident Danilo Medina pledged in his speech on 27 February, saying “it wastime to develop the South.”

The diplomat said hewould like to visit Bahia de las Aguilas again as a tourist, encouraged by Pedernalesgovernor Angel Odalis Zabala´s enthusiasm to visit the exotic place.

Fisher spent two daysin the border town and crossed into Anse a Pitre, Haiti, where he met with itsmayor and other officials, who informed him about the Haitian reality and themigration process.

The diplomat spoke withofficials from both sides and collected information on immigration and thereality of life of the border, to brief London upon his return.

He said he wassaddened when despite being the 21st century, he saw Haitian families living intents, inhospitable terrain and said he met with authorities and NGOs to discusshow to return them back to their homes.

He said those familiesshouldn’t stay in makeshift camps and acknowledged the difficulties poor peopleface when they try to move back to their native towns.


The BritishAmbassador thanked the Haitian and Dominican authorities for their hospitalityduring his visit to what is expected to become the Caribbean´s next great tourismdestination.

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