Tourism February 5, 2016 | 8:42 am

Punta Cana boasts 40K rooms to lodge 3.0M+ passengers

Santiago.- Tourism mogul Frank Ranieri on Thursday said morethan three million passengers arrived via Punta Cana International Airport from48 countries on direct flights to Dominican Republic’s top tourism destination lastyear.

Ranieri asked the business leaders to contribute to thesector to ensure the economic and business development.

In the lecture "Business success and generationalsuccession" hosted by the St. James Archdiocesan Foundation, Ranieri said themost important thing in life is family success more than economic or businessprowess.

He said the country will reach around 44,000 rooms by yearend, above Jamaica or Puerto Rico.

He said his early days in the East region’s tourismindustry weren’t easy because a condition of his international partners willingto invest was the construction of an airport, a road and money, which he didn’thave.

Punta Cana’s first project was Club Med and 40 years later boasts40,000 rooms in the numerous resorts.

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