Tourism July 14, 2016 | 3:23 pm

Sea turtle lays eggs at city beach in plain daylight

Santo Domingo.- Inan unusual case of hawksbill turtles that normally lay their eggs at night, surprisedonlookers observed one laying more than 80 eggs around 10:2 am Thursday at Guibia,the National District’s only public beach.

The Environment Ministry said it’s a case rarely seen inthe Dominican Republic in recent years. “The natural and traditional spawningcycle of this type of marine species in Dominican beaches is regularly in theevening hours.”

It said the 89 eggs laid were in the first nest of the hawksbill(Eretmochelys imbricate) reported at Guibia in the current season. “The eggswhich the hawksbill laid are protected 24 hours by members of the NationalEnvironmental Protection Service (Senpa), who since September care eggs which anotherhawksbill, Güiby, laid on the beach.

There are now

Environment said there are in two nests at Güibia beach, ofthe four sea turtle species that call the Dominican Republic home.

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