Tourism April 18, 2019 | 8:11 am

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Highlighting security in the country for visitors

president of the Hotel and Tourism Association of the Dominican Republic (Asonahores), Paola Rainieri.

The Dominican Republic continues to be a safe tourist destination for foreigners wishing to visit the country, according to the Ministry of Tourism (MITUR) and the president of the Hotel and Tourism Association of the Dominican Republic (Asonahores), Paola Rainieri.

Following the statement issued by the United States Department of State, in which Americans are warned about the country’s “high criminality and weak criminal justice,” MITUR reiterated that the Dominican Republic is one of the safest countries in the entire region and stressed that this alert is not unique to the DR.

Likewise, Rainieri indicated that more than 55 countries are classified within level 2, including France, Germany, Spain, and China, among others.

“This type of warning urges tourists to exercise the same type of basic precautions of their surroundings – environmental and situational awareness they would take in their own cities of residence,” he said. He said that this type of warning does not urge US visitors to cancel or postpone their trips.

Through a press communication, the Ministry of Tourism recalled that the DR has a level two rating of tourism security, the same level applied to many other developed countries and assured that it is the same status as in previous years.

MITUR made it clear that the recommendations made by the State Department are not a warning for Americans not to visit the Dominican Republic, after indicating that 63% of tourists arriving in the country come from the United States.

In the document, MITUR thanked the US State Department for recognizing for the first time “the high levels of security that tourist destinations in the Dominican Republic have.”

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