Tourism June 28, 2020 | 10:22 am

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Medina: “Resuming tourism will bring relief to many areas of the Dominican Republic”

 Acknowledges industry openness “will not be without risks”

Calls on the population to comply with regulations to avoid contagion


President Danilo Medina referred to the reopening of tourism in his speech on Friday night, an address that occurs in the final phase of the state of national emergency due to the coronavirus pandemic, and in which the president addressed the four major challenges facing the Dominican Republic.

“We know that there are still many Dominicans who need and await the reopening of their activities to survive and, of course, we want to help them do so. The tourism sector is, perhaps, the most emblematic example of this, although not the only one. Hundreds of thousands of jobs depend within our country, directly or indirectly, on this activity that has suffered greatly with the pandemic. For this reason, we have proposed that they begin gradually to resume their activities from July 1.”

“Without a doubt, this will bring relief to many areas of the country that live largely on tourism, but it will not be without risks,” Medina said in his speech.

He stated that in this new process the solidarity of all is essential, a solidarity that manifests itself in due compliance with the rules.

In the fifth speech that Medina directs in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the head of state emphasized that “my message today is not one of fear or alarm but of collective responsibility. In this situation, we must work more united than ever, so that the reduction of restrictions does not become a second wave of infections.”

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