World September 8, 2023 | 12:02 pm

United States Embassy in the Dominican Republic collaborates with airlines to detect illegal trips

Santo Domingo.- The Embassy of the United States in the Dominican Republic has announced its collaboration with airline personnel to detect illicit trips to and from the United States. In partnership with the Dominican National Police, the Criminal Investigations Office of the Embassy’s Diplomatic Security Service conducted training sessions for airline employees serving routes to the United States and staff at Punta Cana Airport.

The training encompassed various aspects, including facial recognition techniques, the identification of impostors, the recognition of security features on American travelers’ documents, and an overview of current organized crime trends related to trafficking and smuggling.

It’s worth noting that immigrants from the Dominican Republic constitute the fourth-largest group of Hispanic immigrants in the United States, following Mexicans, Salvadorans, and Cubans, according to data from the Migration Policy Institute. Dominican immigrants primarily enter the United States through family connections, with 99% of them arriving through family sponsorship, in contrast to 69% of all immigrants in general.

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