World November 20, 2023 | 4:56 pm

Director of the International Hydrography Organization will visit the Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- From November 22 to 25, the Dominican Republic will host a significant visit by Luigi Sinapi, the director of the International Hydrography Organization (IHO) from Italy. Organized by the Dominican Navy, this visit marks an important moment for the country in the realm of hydrography and its impact on sustainable ocean development.

Sinapi, who leads an organization comprising over 100 member countries, will engage with Dominican authorities to address critical hydrography-related issues. The discussions will focus on hydrography’s role in sustainable ocean development and the challenges faced by the IHO.

The visit aims to underscore the significance of Hydrographic Services at national, regional, and international levels. These services are crucial for maritime security, economic development, environmental protection, management of natural resources, scientific research, and international cooperation—all key areas for the Dominican Republic.

With maritime and oceanic concerns increasingly prominent globally, Sinapi’s visit offers a valuable opportunity for the Dominican Republic to enhance cooperation and knowledge in these areas. This includes ensuring safe navigation by regularly updating nautical charts, a core responsibility of the Navy’s Hydrography Directorate.

The Dominican Republic, with its rich maritime history and dedication to sustainable development, is poised to play a proactive role in global efforts for ocean conservation and responsible usage.

The Navy of the Dominican Republic, serving as the host for this visit, emphasizes its significance in strengthening the nation’s hydrography capabilities and furthering its agenda regarding oceanic matters.

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