Economy September 29, 2015 | 7:21 am

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Dominican Republic joins push for environmental justice

New York.- Thepresidents of four countries that belong to the Community of Latin American andCaribbean States (CELAC in Spanish) on Monday agreed to work jointly to developthe environment of the nations which they lead.

The heads of State ofEcuador, Rafael Correa; Costa Rica, Luis Guillermo Solis; Barbados, FreundelStuart, and Danilo Medina, president of the Dominican Republic and Pro-temporeof CELAC met as part of the 70th UN General Assembly in New York, where theyagreed to promote the project and stressed the efforts to consolidate an agendafor environmental justice.

Correa lauded the regionalblocs, whose common interests in his view achieve objectives, as on thisoccasion, toward sustainable development to reduce the social exclusion of thepeople within them.

After the meeting Medinawalked the streets of New York to his hotel, accompanied by Administrativeminister Jose Ramon Peralta and other senior officials.

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