Local March 24, 2014 | 11:34 am

Most readers of ‘leftist’ newspaper say break off talks with Haiti

Santo Domingo.- 64 percent of the readers of the Web version of veteran newspaper El Nacional –once catalogues as ‘leftist-leaning’ by the U.S. Embassy- say the Dominican Republic should break-off the high level talks with Haiti on the various aspects of mutual interest, against 36% who want the dialogue to continue.

The meetings between senior Dominican and Haitian officials for binational issues have been postponed two times just this month, including the one slated for March 20, because of the visit by U.S. vice president Joe Biden, who suddenly returned to Washington from Chile citing the crisis in the Ukraine.

“Haitian authorities have intensified their campaign to discredit Dominican Republic internationally, trying to force it to nationalize thousands of their nationals living illegally in the country,” El Nacional reports.

It notes however that the Government has withstood the pressure and pledged a humanitarian solution for Haitians residing illegally.

“During his State of the Nation speech on February 27 president Danilo Medina promised to submit a foreigners’ naturalization bill to Congress, but did not do so. Medina alleged that he’s consulting with various sectors to submit a consensual initiative,” El Nacional.com.do says.

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