Local September 14, 2015 | 12:37 pm

Official denies giving tax breaks for members of ruling party to buy vehicles

Santo Domingo.- PresidencyAdministrative minister Jose Ramon Peralta on Monday denied the government providestax breaks for groups of its members to buy vehicles and called the allegationspart of the electoral process.

"It’s a shamethat the campaign is relying on lies and false information. It´s a shame because to distract from the work ofgovernment to clarify things here, is not right," he said.

The official spoke withjournalists in the National Palace, where he stressed that the country shouldspeak about how life will improve here.

"That (tax) exemptionis false, a lie and a fabrication, because the government will not give taxexemption or a flat tax. We disavow anyone who´s been talking about or wants todiscuss the issue," Peralta said.

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