Local June 20, 2016 | 9:59 am

Gripe reveals Dominican looming chasm in the ruling party

Santo Domingo.- A senior leader of Dominican Republic’sruling party (PLD) on Sunday accused the members of its top echelon of using “subterfugesand artifices” to remain in power.

Melanio Paredes’ gripe reveals a looming chasm in theruling party, especialy among suporters of president Danilo Medina, and ofex-president Leonel Fernandez.

The also former Education Minister and member of the PLD centralcommittee, said the party elite (Political Committee) has used those mechanismsto stay in their posts beyond what its statutes stipulate.

He said the PLD needs a renewed leadership and newauthorities by 2019, one year before the general elections of 2020.

Interviewed by Hector Herrera on D’Agenda, Paredes said thePLD leaders who hold high positions in government agencies shouldn’t run forelected posts in the party.

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