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Troops maintain surveillance in the neighborhoods

Members of the police and military forces during the tour of a neighborhood of the capital. /ld file

Santo Domingo, DR
The units of the police and military bodies, which have jointly taken to the streets to reduce the levels of criminality in the country, continued their work during the Corpus Christi holiday.

During a tour carried out by a team of Listín Diario in various sectors of Greater Santo Domingo, it was possible to verify the presence of uniformed officers of various military bodies.

In vans, trucks, or motorcycles, the active members of the National Police and the military forces visited neighborhoods of the northern zone of the capital, such as Ensanche Luperón, Los Guandules, and Guachupita, Mejoramiento Social, and Villa Juana.

In the case of Villa Juana, the motorized units circulated through several streets simultaneously. In the other four neighborhoods, the teams were made up of several vehicles which moved as a caravan, one after the other.

Second week
Due to the religious celebration, this Thursday, 16, which was not a working day, the citizen security strategy completed two weeks in force.

The mixed patrolling began last Thursday, the 2nd of this month, ordered by President Luis Abinader to guarantee peace amid an increase in crime which has generated concern among the population. The head of state adopted the decision after leading a meeting with the National Police Council.

The President emphasized that day that the Government would not accept a mafia peace, where agreements are made to maintain tranquility and especially with what has to do with the facts of drug trafficking.

“This government is working and will continue to work so that there will be true peace and tranquility based on respect for human rights but also on the firmness of our forces of law and order in bringing peace,” said Abinader.

Since the beginning of the operations, until the recent weekend, at least 73 people have been detained by the authorities during the police-military patrols.

In the first seven days, 24 individuals were arrested, defined by the National Police as “recognized criminals,” three others with records and one who was a fugitive, while 46 were added for various crimes on Sunday.

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