Local February 20, 2024 | 12:31 pm

Dominican Republic inducts 1,712 new teachers

Santo Domingo.– The Instituto Superior de Formación Docente Salomé Ureña (ISFODOSU) held a ceremony to certify 1,712 newly inducted teachers who completed the National Induction Plan training program. This nationwide initiative, encompassing a total of 23,000 educators, was coordinated by ISFODOSU at the pedagogical level.

Dr. Nurys del Carmen González, ISFODOSU Rector, presided over the ceremony alongside Dr. Carmen Gálvez, Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs; Tania Jiménez Rosa, Director of Induction at the Ministry of Education (Minerd); and Susana Doñé, Director of Continuous Training at INAFOCAM.

Dr. González expressed gratitude to the Ministry for entrusting ISFODOSU with the program’s national pedagogical coordination and direct training of the certified teachers. “I extend heartfelt congratulations to these new educators joining our classrooms,” she stated. “Equipped with a holistic vision and the tools to actively contribute to their schools, they will undoubtedly promote positive learning transformations for our children and youth.”

Professor Gensi de los Santos, representing the certified teachers, echoed the sentiment, while Minerd’s Induction Director commended ISFODOSU’s professors for their pivotal role in the program’s success. Dr. Carmen Gálvez further highlighted the dedication of the institution’s National Induction Plan team, led by teacher Bilda Valentín with technological support from Ramón Vilorio and Cristian Matías.

The ceremony, broadcasted on ISFODOSU’s YouTube channel, saw participation from regional directors, ISFODOSU campus executive vice-rectors, and other distinguished guests. Several teachers present emphasized the valuable skills gained, particularly those related to integrating technology into teaching, planning, and student evaluation.

About the National Induction Program

This initiative targets newly inducted teachers in the Dominican Republic’s public pre-university education system. With 23,858 teachers impacted, it aims to facilitate the integration of new educators who win the Teaching Opposition Contest.

President Luis Abinader himself recently led the closing ceremony for the program’s nationwide rollout, recognizing its significant impact on the Dominican education system. ISFODOSU’s crucial role in implementing this impactful program underscores the government’s commitment to continuous improvement within the country’s educational landscape, where new teacher training serves as a cornerstone of this endeavor.

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