People September 13, 2016 | 12:31 pm

Want to help fight climate change? Join Wed. night bike ride

SD. The European Union with the support of the NationalCouncil for Climate Change and Clean Development Mechanism, the MultilateralCooperation Agency (DIGECOOM) and the company Aro y Pedal, on Tuesday announceda bike ride for Wednesday evening.

“We’re supporting the efforts made to raise awareness andaction on climate change since the transport sector accounts for approximatelyone quarter of the emissions of greenhouse gases in the Dominican Republic,”the organizers said in a statement.

It said because the energy sector is the second largestsector greenhouse gas emissions, the European Union Delegation calls oncitizens to take part in the bike ride through the city of Santo Domingo. “Itaims to promote sustainable mobility and raise awareness in Dominican societyon the impact of transport on climate, health and the environment.”

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