Poverty November 7, 2016 | 7:55 am

Dominican Republic’s hobbled unions head to wage hike talks

Dominican Republic wage hike talks, more ofthe sameSanto Domingo.- The National Salary Committee will start thetalks on Wednesday leading to an increase in the minimumwage, after the labor unions’ requested the dialogue to Labor minister JoséRamón Fadul last month.

As usual, the workers’ unions have asked fora 30% wage increase to alleviate the high cost of living faced by employees.

"We already submitted this proposal tothe Committee around that percentage. It’s comparable to the cost of living, itis not comparable to the basic household staples, but we consider it a sort ofpalliative and hope that management can fulfill," said Rafael Abreu,president of the national labor unions grouped in the CNUS.

He said the basic household staples, justbetween food and non-alcoholic beverages, cost RD$22,000 per month.

The CNS’ call to the meeting include some ofthe union leaders, employers and the government, has have already confirmedtheir attendance.

The union leaders however have lost much oftheir prestige during the last decade, after aligning themselves with thevarious major political parties.

Management is expected to again resort todelay tactics and condition any proposal for significant a increase to changesin the Labor Code that include a cut in entitlements.

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