Economy February 23, 2015 | 9:04 am

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Big business slams transport companies ‘disguised as unions’

Santo Domingo.- The National Business Council (CONEP) on Sunday proposed the start of a comprehensive process to reform the national transport system, rocked by a recent spate of attacks by vandal on freight and passenger transport, where “companies hide disguised as unions.”

It said to renew the country’s transport system will require institutional and administrative action to ensure order, respect for the law and free market competitiveness, a task which it affirms the government and society must immediately undertake. "The transport system is the basis of national development and competitiveness. Dominican Republic receives millions of tourists, exports in large volumes and has the potential to become a regional logistics center."

The CONEP however, said it would be impossible to modernize the country’s outdated, expensive and informal transport system which in its view doesn’t obey free market rules and competition, and assumes no responsibility with society. "We cannot continue to suffer the embarrassment and indignity of our passenger transport and businesses and producers cannot grow and develop with freight supported by a gross abuse of a dominant position."

The entity headed by Rafael Blanco said the darkness that protects the transport sector, “where real companies are hidden under the guise of unions,” has been a breeding ground for malicious acts against the State and serious attacks against public safety and social peace. “Society must take responsibility for curbing this situation and not be intimidated by the use of force.”

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