Economy September 4, 2017 | 12:53 pm

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Farmers evicted from Valle Nuevo National Park get new homes

Constanza, Dominican Republic.- Environment minister Francisco Dominguez on Sunday announced advances on the construction of the housing complex “Villa Popy,” to relocate the farm workers evicted from several areas in Valle Nuevo National Park (central).

He said more than 150 volunteers, business leaders, ministry employees and community members participated in an intense effort throughout the weekend.

“We’re working on a project dedicated to Mr. Popy Bermudez, a man who fought so hard for the people; a great defender of natural resources, today 51 families from Castillo and Siberia will come here and change their lives, ” said Dominguez, who thanked the Bermudez family for donating more than seven hectares “to make this dream possible.”

“This donation we make is also an interest to protect the forests and especially the national parks which has always been an initiative of the family. I know that my dad from heaven sends us a big hug,” said José A. Bermúdez, on behalf of the family.

Domínguez also thanked Cooperativa Vega Real, Fundación Rica, Plan Yaque, the Constanza City Council, Sabina, Emilio Reyes and Álvaro Peña.

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