Economy November 10, 2017 | 3:08 pm

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Employers want a new Labor Code, but severance pay weighs

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s employers grouped in COPARDOM on Fri. hailed Labor minister José Ramón Fadul’s willingness to call on workers, management and the Gov. to resume the talks to amend the Labor Code.

COPARDOM president Fermín Acosta favors creating a tripartite committee to start discussions leading to a change in the Code which in his view responds effectively to the country’s challenges.

“We’re ready to make our contributions with the aim of achieving a modern and up-to-date Labor Code, which will become the promoter of formal employment and investment generating wealth for the welfare of society,” the business leader said.

Acosta wants open discussions,” without prejudice and focused on solutions that benefit workers, employers and the country under a scheme of consensus and social dialogue. We hope to repeat the experience of 1992, when we agreed three-way on the current Labor Code for the benefit of society.”

Recently, and as part of the XV COPARDOM Congress, Acosta said it was important that a labor market to be based on inclusive economic growth with decent jobs , adding that “updating the Labor Code is a fundamental element for achieving that goal.”

Sticky wicket

For years management has sought to amend the Labor Code, targeting the severance pay, which the union sector vows to defend, as a “historic conquest of the workers.”

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