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ADPDANZA affirms artists excluded from aid have needs due to the health crisis

“Understanding the help that has been given by the corresponding organizations, to many artistic and cultural sectors and being our commitment before the guild of the dance of the Dominican Republic, to guard over the well-being and safety of all, we advocate for not continuing to ignore hundreds of artists who are equally in need of facilities and help.”



SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic – The representatives of the most elementary dance schools in the country and other personalities of the specialty, founders of the Dominican Association of Dance Professionals (ADPDANZA), point out the exclusion of artists from different sectors that present significant economic needs due to the health crisis.

“Understanding the help that has been given by the corresponding organizations, to many artistic and cultural sectors and being our commitment to the dance guild of the Dominican Republic, to ensure the welfare and safety of all, we advocate for it not to continue to ignore accents of artists who are equally in need of facilities and aid,” said Isadora Bruno, president of ADPDANZA.

Similarly, Monika Despradel, first vice president of the ADPDANZA, stressed that “from the Ministry of Culture, the appropriate body for these decisions, direct efforts have been channeled to safeguard the situation faced by artists and cultural managers in our country, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the many direct actions that we have learned about is incorporating 700 members of the artistic and cultural guild in the “Stay at Home” program. However, we know that they continue working to benefit 3 thousand more people. That would be the first solution that helps a majority that needs it, definitely with more equity, for which we ask.

The dance schools, teachers, choreographers, professional dancers, the cultural and creative industries of dance, among others of the union, have suffered the worst year of their lives. For all these reasons, we need to intervene on behalf of the association urgently.”

The organization’s representatives said that this sector had been hit for more than nine months; many of these workers of the sect with an impeccable path of professional achievement also support both the entertainment industry and tourism. Adding to the intangible benefit of their social work, their role in theaters, performance seasons, their presence in awards, launches and various events where dance is essential to make them stand out, also the specialized training schools and professional dance practice centers, which are part of the training and support the development of the country.

New months without activity and with the doors of the schools closed, a few advancing in their projects in a virtual way and others timidly opened 1 or 2 months ago with the scarce movement of students, in what refers to academies or formative institutions, but having to assume responsibilities of payments in their totality and trying to survive this crisis that involves us and affects all. The necessity of genuine solidarity and equity with all the artistic sector of the country is imposed.

We applaud the actions of the organizations that promptly acted on the situation arising from the actions of “Progresando con Solidaridad,” thank you for showing us respect for all those involved with the arts at the national level.

“There is no developed country if it does not contemplate the sustenance and consumption of the arts and the culture that characterizes them. For these reasons, your strengthening and attention are vital to achieving the necessary changes that we seek so much.”

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